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Ferrari 250 GTO sells for $35,000,000

Apple green example breaks records...

The Apple Green Ferrari 250 GTO you can see above has broken all records to become the most expensive car ever sold, selling recently for $35,000,000 to American collector Craig McCaw.

There were only 39 250 GTOs made, and not all survive. They have been slowly but surely going higher and higher in value in recent years, with this particular car selling for ‘just’ $8.5m ten years ago. This particular car does have special provenance to justify its price tag though – it was built specially for British racing driver Sterling Moss by Ferrari.

It seems that these 250 GTOs are in demand at the moment though, as DJ and TV personality Chris Evans has reportedly sold his Series 2 250 GTO for somewhere in the ‘high 20’s’, meaning $25-29m. This is a fair turn in profit for the Ferrari collector, as he paid $18m just two years ago.

We expect more of these classic Ferraris to sell as the prices creep up.

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