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BMW reveals 1-Series 3 door and M135i

Sleeker looks and 316 bhp for M-Performance model...

BMW Group served up the first of 3 new models this morning with the reveal of the 3 door variant of the new 1-Series. Sitting below the 5 door model in their lineup and costing around £500 less model-for-model, it adds a slightly sportier look to the 1er, which meant it was the perfect time for BMW to launch the M135i at the same time.

Up to the A-Pillar the 3 door model is identical to the 5 door, but from there back there are longer front doors with frameless windows and a different, sleeker side window profile. The rear bumper and hatch are the same as on the 5 door as well. The lack of rear doors emphasises the swollen rear wheelarch giving the 3 door a very sporty stance.

The 3dr 1er continues the same engine lineup as the 5dr but introduces a new top and bottom model. At the top is he aforementioned M135i and the bottom of the range now gets a 114i.

The 114i uses a 1.6 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 101 bhp and gives fuel economy figures of 51.4 mpg. CO2 emissions are a slightly higher than expected 129g/km.

BMW’s M Performance group is responsible for the new M135i model and it’s their first offering with a petrol engine after the M50d models launched earlier this year. The M135i gets a 316 bhp 3.0 litre turbo straight 6-cylinder engine that also sees duty in the 3 Series and gives the 1er a serious turn of speed.

0-62 mph comes up in 5.1 seconds on the way to a top speed of 155 mph. There is an 8-speed automatic offering too, which does the sprint in 4.9 seconds. Economy stands at 35.3 mpg for the manual and 37.66 for the automatic. The performance and economy benefits of the automatic version show how much easier it is for BMW to control the different aspects of the car during testing, though we still think a car of this style will be better to drive with the manual gearbox.

The M135i gets a new bodykit with a more pronounced front bumper similar in design to the M Sport bumper with larger vents. There are restyled side skirts and  a rear bumper featuring an exhaust tip at either side of the bumper and a gloss black insert between them. There are 18-inch alloy wheels to finish off the look.

The M135i will also be available in a 5 door variant. Prices start at £17,830 for the 114i ES, rising to £29,995 for the M135i. 

Images courtesy of BMW

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