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Vauxhall/Opel name their new city car..... Adam

But will it get on well with the Renault Zoe?

Opel/Vauxhall announced the name of their all-new city car this week along with a couple of prototype photos. The new car is to be named…. wait for it….  Adam.

Yep, you read that correctly – Adam. Personally we think it’s up there with the Mitsubishi Carisma, Skoda Superb and Mazda Super Bongo Friendee for the award for most ridiculous car name, but what do we know, we’re not marketing experts…

Anyway, the Adam will be based on a shortened platform for the next generation Corsa model and measures 3.7 meters long, approximately 15cm longer than the Volkswgen Up. Though it’s smaller than the Corsa it will be more expensive as they are pitching it in the same style as the Mini and Citroen DS3 – a lifestyle car which is massively customisable with colours, trims and graphics.

Expect a stylish exterior (some renderings are shown above) and high quality interior to meet the expectations of the price tag. There will be kit that you would normally find on executive cars in the Adam like adaptive lights, integrated satnav/infotainment and colour changing interior LED lighting.

The Adam will feature a new family of three- and four-cylinder engines ranging from 1.0- to 1.4-litreswith 80-120 bhp. The Euro-6 compliant engines will feature direct injection resulting in a 10% increase in fuel economy. Later in the Adam's production cycle Vauxhall will introduce a new 1.6-litre variant in both diesel and petrol turbocharged versions.

Expect the Vauxhall/Opel Adam to make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, with a launch in early 2013.

There was a lengthy Facebook campaign launched which slowly unveiled the car’s name, which you can see below:

Images courtesy of Opel/Vauxhall, Auto Express and Autocar

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