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Nissan reveals bonkers Juke-R to go on sale

Proof that Nissan have a good sense of humour...

Nissan has this morning confirmed that it will be putting the frankly insane Juke-R concept into a limited production. No - check your calendar – it isn’t April 1st...

For the uninitiated, the Juke-R was borne from a group of slightly unhinged Nissan employees who wanted to create some buzz for the Juke – widely regarded as one of the oddest looking vehicles on the road today. To do this they chose to basically throw the Juke and a GT-R into a blender and see what came out afterwards.

The Juke-R concept got a 473 bhp 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 engine from the GT-R along with its suspension and 4WD drivetrain. Putting such a powertrain into a smaller car meant huge performance – 0-62 mph takes 3.7 seconds on the way to a 160 mph top speed.

Substantial bodywork modifications were needed to accommodate the GT-R’s much wider track, which included massively flared wheelarches and a new bonnet. It adopts the GT-R’s wheels and brakes too. There is a new rear diffuser and split spoiler above the rear window to complete the menacing look. We’re not saying it looks pretty, but it’s certainly an improvement on the standard car.

The interior is a strange mix of the standard Juke dash, but with a GT-R steering wheel and control panel blended into the centre console.

The production version is likely to be limited to around 20 units, built in the UK and will be very expensive – think £125,000 kind of expensive. But it will get the latest GT-R’s engine which has a more insane 540 bhp.

We have to applaud Nissan for making this concept into a production car – it shows that they are either completely bonkers, or they have a hitherto undiscovered sense of humour. Either way, kudos to them for building something so completely unhinged.

Images courtesy of Nissan

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