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Beijing Auto Show: Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Edition

Yes, unfortunately you did read that correctly...

When Range Rover launched the Evoque, they did so with a rather odd celebrity by their side – Victoria Beckham. Apparently she was going to be Range Rover’s Interior Design Consultant or some such nonsense and would help the Evoque appeal to the female market more. What they didn’t know is that actually, most of the female public dislike VB just as much as the rest of us and the collaboration didn’t go down very well, and was subsequently hushed under the carpet and never heard of again.

Until now.

Range Rover have cleverly chosen the Beijing Motor Show to launch the Evoque Victoria Beckham Edition – a limited run of 200 units designed to be a style-led range topper for the popular mini-SUV. The thing is that visually, as much as we hate to admit it, it’s a real hit in our eyes.

Based on the 3-dr Evoque ‘Coupe’, it features the full dynamic pack body kit and features hand finished special matt grey paintwork. Gloss black adorns the 20-inch alloy wheels, grille, mirror housing s, roof and bonnet vents. All pretty standard really, but the alloy wheels and grille also feature genuine rose gold accents, which we’re genuinely surprised to say look really good.

Inside the Evoque VB Ed is even better, with a black and tan semi-aniline (read: very soft and plush) leather covering the seats, dash, doors and roof while the headlining is in grey alcantara. The trim has piano black veneers, textured aluminium and soft-feel black paint, but again the highlight is the use of rose gold accents on the switches, dials and other areas.

The Evoque VB Ed uses the 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine producing 237 bhp, linked to a six speed automatic gearbox and four wheel drive as standard. There are no options.

Each of the 200 units, the first of which will go to Chinese customers, comes with a bespoke tan leather four-piece luggage set and a hand-sewn leather wallet for the manual that’s signed by Beckham herself.

So far so good, you may think. As did we. Why are they only producing 200 of these limited edition models as frankly they look pretty good? Well, the answer to that would be simple.

Price. The Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Edition is priced at…. We hope you’re sitting down for this…..


That’s nearly twice the price of the model it’s based on, which makes it quite comfortably the most ridiculously overpriced car we’ve ever seen. Congratulations Range Rover!

Images courtesy of Range Rover

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