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Porsche reveals the Cayenne GTS - UPDATE: Video added!

The sportiest of all SUVs gets sportier...

Porsche has today revealed a new version of the Cayenne aimed at customers wanting an SUV than it more Sports than Utility – The Cayenne GTS.

The GTS slots between the Cayenne S and Turbo models, and much like its predecessor it mixes a slightly more powerful naturally aspirated V8 from the S with the body styling of the Turbo. The GTS is powered by a 4.8 litre V8 which has been given a light tweaking to produce 414 bhp, a 20 bhp increase over the Cayenne S.

This new GTS comes only with the eight-speed automatic gearbox with stop-start technology, which marks a change from the older model which was manual, with an auto option. The increase in power does translate into increased performance, but with only a 5% increase in power it was never going to challenge the Turbo. 0-62 mph takes 5.7 seconds (0.2 sec quicker than the S), while it takes just 13.3 seconds to reach 100 mph. Top speed is now 162 mph.

The GTS promises a more sporting driving experience by virtue of its unique lowered chassis which is dropped 24mm over the Cayenne S, and comes with standard steel springs and PASM adjustable dampers. These changes promise flatter cornering, less body roll and more responsive steering. Air suspension and Porsche’s PDCC anti-roll system are both options.

Externally the GTS gets the Turbo’s bodykit, comprising the more aggressive front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper along with the Sport Design option which gives little skirts and spoilers all over the car. We have to say the overall look is a little heavy-handed, especially in the press images lime green. A standard Turbo in dark blue is a much more understated car though understated probably isn’t really the GTS’s raison d’etre.

Inside the sports seats get trimmed in alcantara to help keep you in your seat during hard cornering (or so it says in the press release).

The Cayenne GTS will cost £12,000 more than the S when it goes on sale in July at £67,000.

Images courtesy of Porsche

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