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Nissan resurrects the Datsun brand

New global sub-brand from the Japanese giant...

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced today the Datsun brand will return from 2014. The new Datsun logo was also revealed. Sadly it doesn’t mean there will be cool sports cars like the Datsun 240Z.

Datsun was the name under which Nissan operated until adopting its current name back in 1981, and is Nissan's third global brand alongside Nissan and Infiniti. It will sit at the bottom of the three tiers, with Nissan the main brand, Infiniti the luxury brand and Datsun making cheaper cars with sales starting in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Russia.

It is similar to the Dacia brand owned by Renault, which is a partner of Nissans, so we should expect some parts sharing between Dacia and Datsun.

The new plan represents an investment of $395 million expanding its production at Nissan's Cikampek plant, located 80km outside of Jakarta. Total capacity will increase to 250,000 annually by 2014, with the workforce expanding to 3,300, and sales outlets are planned to increase to 150 by 2015.

"Nissan is bringing new jobs and new vehicles to Indonesia," said Ghosn at a media event. "We are going to expand our production capability and offer a new and exciting product line here."

Image courtesy of Nissan

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