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MG reveal the MG5

New medium sized hatch for the struggling brand...

MG has released the first pictures of the 2013 MG5.

Previewed by the Concept 5 last year, the production model is a five-door hatchback with quite distinctive styling. It has an aggressive front end with a heavily sculpted bonnet, distinctive headlights and a low, angular large-vented bumper. The side profile is reminiscent of the Mazda2, with a raising belt line and sloping roof, which is topped off by a boot spoiler.

The model will first be launched in China, where it will use a 1.8-litre petrol engine with approximately 103 bhp. In Europe, a variety of petrol units will be offered with displacements expected to range from 1.0- to 1.5-litres. They should produce between 115 bhp and 160 in the hot variant. The MG5 should also be the first MG model to use their new own-developed diesel unit. Expected to be a 1.8 litre four cylinder engine with around 120 bhp it is sorely needed in this car and the larger MG6. The MG5 uses a traditional front engine, front wheel drive layout.

We hope that the MG5 will be the car that allows the struggling brand to finally take old again in the UK. MG sold only 15 cars in total in October 2011 and an astonishingly low 7 cars in November 2011. What makes this even more shocking is that of those 22 cars a minimum of 5 were dealer cars meaning just 17 cars were sold to the public. This could be down to the lack of knowledge of the brand in the UK, most people don’t know MG still exists as they do little to no marketing to the general public. Those that do see the brand are put off by the current model range – there’s the TF roadster which is a rehash of a rehashed old design and the MG6 hatch and saloon. Whereas they are decent looking and driving cars, competitively priced even, they don’t offer a diesel variant as yet which is a killer in the segment they are placed in where 80% of sales are now diesel.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel however when car rental company Avis took 100 of the MG6s at the end of last year. Let’s hope the MG5 can revive the brand.

Prices for the MG5 will be revealed later in the year, but expect it to be very competitively priced, most likely against the Korean brands.

Images courtesy of MG

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