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Jaguar XF Sportbrake revealed

The Germans should definitely be worried...

If you want a premium estate car, your choices until now have been the BMW 5-Series Touring, the Mercedes E-Class Estate and the Audi A6 Avant. All fine cars but all decidedly teutonic in their execution. In the saloon class though you could have chosen the stylish choice, the emotional choice, the British choice – the Jaguar XF. Well now the two worlds have collided as Jaguar has unveiled the long overdue XF Sportbrake ahead of the official reveal in Geneva next week.

The Sportbrake takes the recently facelifted XF as its starting point, so gets the same slender feline headlights incorporating the curved DRLs, large single piece grille and dynamically styled front bumper. In fact up to the B-pillar the Sportbrake is exactly the same as the XF saloon, but after that things get interesting.

The roof line curved down gently to a fastback boot, with a sloping rear window topped by a small spoiler. The D-pillars use the same trick found on the XJ and are painted gloss black to blend in with the rear window while the simple chrome rear window strip defines the rear pillar. It’s a very successful approach that reduces the visual bulk normally found on estate cars. The rear lights mimic those on the saloon and the rear bumper incorporates the exhaust outlets as on the saloon.

What it all comes together to provide is a stunning looking estate car. Even though it uses a more stylised approach to the rear it still beats the load capacity of the 5er and A6 by 5 litres at 1675 litres, but the E-Class still tops the league with around 100 litres more than the XF.

The stylish interior is the same as found on the saloon, with the innovative rising gear selector, hidden air vents and LED ambient lighting all combining to give an unmistakable air of class which is utterly devoid in the German cars.

The Sportbrake is (for now) powered only by diesel engines, through an 8-spd automatic gearbox to the rear wheels. There is the option of the 2.2 litre 4-cylinder unit with 161 or 187 bhp, or the 3.0 litre twin turbo V6 engine with either 237 or 271 bhp. We say for now, because Jaguar would be insane not to produce an XF-R Sportbrake featuring the 5.0 litre Supercharged 510 bhp V8 to rival the E63 estate.

Two exterior design packages will also be available. The Aero pack (which is standard on the S model) adds a deeper front bumper, side sills and rear valance. The Black pack replaces the exterior chrome trim with gloss black trim and dark-coloured wheels.

Jaguar hasn’t revealed the official prices for the Sportbrake yet, but an entry-level 2.2-litre diesel model should come in at about £32,000 and a range-topping 3.0D S about £44,000.

Images courtesy of Jaguar

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