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Friday Fun: Chris Harris on living with the McLaren MP4-12C

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it...

Okay, we’ll start off by saying that we do like Chris Harris. We enjoy his writing style and his videos are second to none, but when you see that for his job he gets to live with the new £200,000, 600 bhp, 203 mph McLaren MP4-12C for 5 days to see what it’s like we can’t help going off him a little bit. Pure jealousy, of course!

Harris takes a good look at the MP4-12C to see if it really could be used as an everyday supercar and if so, does that impact the way it drives at those times when you exploit all the power it has? Well, we won’t spoil the video, but it seems as if there really is nothing the new McLaren can’t do…

It really is another cracking video from Chris Harris and the Drive team, this one clocking in at over 12 minutes long. We can’t help thinking that 3 of these videos nicely edited together would make for a very interesting Top Gear 2 show on BBC3, returning to a motoring show being about – shock horror – cars. But hey, what do we know…

Video courtesy of Drive


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