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Hyundai i30 Wagon revealed

Another great looking car from the Koreans, watch out Ford...

Hyundai has released the first images of the new i30 Wagon that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of weeks. It becomes the second variant to join the new generation of i30 vehicles following the 5-dr version. A 3-dr version is expected to follow.

It features the same front end styling as its sibling, dominated by the brand's stylish hexagon-shaped grille and signature headlights. According to Hyundai, ‘the fluidic sculpture and sloping roof line that is revealed from the side profile is intended to portray a stationary car appearing to be in motion’. Sounds good, but in non-PR-speak what we can see is a very nice looking estate car with a stylish back end, well styled lights and a sporty stance.

The wheelbase has increased by 185mm to 4485mm in comparison to its predecessor which creates a spacious interior and a best-in-class cargo area of 528-liters. Put the seats down and this figure increases to 1642-liters and easily exceeds the figures that the previous generation model boasted.

The same engines that bless the five-door version will also be available in the wagon. The three diesel engines are topped out by a 1.6 litre unit with 124 bhp and 192 lb/ft of torque. There will also be three petrol engine options, the most powerful being the 1.6 litre Gamma DGI unit with 131 bhp and 121 lb/ft of torque.

This is the latest in a long line of cars coming out of Korea that are well styled, drive well, are well priced and have impressive warranties. The Kia Cee’d was the first of the new wave and the new model aims to top the previous model’s success with even more upmarket styling and new engines which were the one thing that let down the Korean manufacturers. It looks like the Koreans will take hold of the market just before we start seeing an influx of Chinese brands appearing…

Images courtesy of Hyundai

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