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Ford reveals details of B-Max, plus some images

Features innovative body design...

Ford has released a few details of the new B-Max compact MPV ahead of the unveiling next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

There are a few accompanying images, mainly showing the exterior and how it is almost identical to the concept car shown one year ago, but the main point of interest is shown in the final image they released of the car with the doors open.

When the concept car was shown last year, it had no B-Pillar – the bodywork than usually runs between the front and rear doors to increase rigidity. Everyone agreed that it looked good but it would never make production at the time – well there should be some words being eaten right about now as the B-Max is shown above with no B-Pillar.

What this gives is an unrestricted 1.5m-wide opening for the side of the vehicle, something that no rival manufacturer can offer. Ford calls it "Easy Door Access System."

The B-pillar has of course not been removed completely. It is still required to create a strong stable body, so Ford has engineered the car to have the pillars integrated into the doors. This will undoubtedly make them quite heavy units, but the car should still handle with the tight body control associated with a rigid body.

"Door systems like this have been a designer's dream for many years," said Stefan Lamm, exterior design director, Ford of Europe. "We have taken the concept from an idea on a designer's sketch pad, to a stylish and versatile product on the showroom floor."

"We set ourselves the challenge of re-imagining the small car," he added. "People are struggling with the spatial challenges of city driving and we wanted to find a new solution."

The B-Max should go on sale across Europe this summer, featuring the new 1.0 litre Ecoboost engines among other petrol and Duratorq diesels. Full details will be made available at Geneva, where we will bring you full details.

Images courtesy of Ford

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