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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the Toyota GT 86

The most eagerly-awaited sports car of the year gets spanked by Monkey...

Another Friday, another cracking video by Drive and Chris Harris. This time Chris heads off to a Spanish circuit outside Madrid to drive one of the year’s most eagerly awaited cars – the Toyota GT 86.

We reported earlier this week that the price has been set at £24,995 for this 200 bhp, RWD, boxer-engined 2+2 coupe and there has been much written about the thinner-than-usual rear tyres which will hopefully give more interesting handling at lower speeds.

So Monkey (for that is Harris’ well-known nickname) gets a mere 30 mins behind the wheel but we get to see what it’s made of, and it looks like good stuff. Plenty of sliding, plenty of nice exhaust sounds and Harris looks like he’s having a blast.

The GT 86 could very well be the hit sports car of the year and will certainly find lots of buyers. We love the looks and if the kit count is high there will be plenty on the roads in the UK as we are quite partial to a coupe on our little island.

Video courtesy of Drive


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