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Toyota reveals UK price for GT 86

Beat Subaru to the punch...

Toyota has today announced that their new RWD small coupe, the GT 86 will cost £24,995 when it is launched in the UK in June. We covered the details of the GT 86 when it was launched to the press in late November.

When the rumour mill started the GT 86 was going to cost around £30,000 which was far too much in many people's eyes. Pricing it at £24,995 means it will still have a low power output for the money, but if the driving experience lives up to the promises it will certainly find buyers.

Toyota have developed the GT 86 to be lightweight, with thinner rear tyres than usual to give a more fun driving experience without having to resort to massive power outputs. It should be fun to drive at lower speeds which can only be a good thing to us.

We can expect an announcement from Subaru about the pricing of the GT 86’s sister car, the BRZ sometime this week. It is expected to be slightly more upmarket with more equipment and a higher quality interior, but will be around £4000 more expensive.

Image courtesy of Toyota

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