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DRIVE Channel launches - a new way to enjoy cars

Big name presenters join together in a Youtube channel...

DRIVE has launched today with a 13min video about the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race.

Host Leo Parente takes a look at the gruelling race at the toughest race track in the world. Through the vivid race scenes, the DRIVE crew give us a detailed look behind the scenes of the fabled event. Parente also gives us a good look inside the culture of spectators and racers alike. It's clear that Leo's passion for the N24 and racing as a whole is what it's all about. The N24 is certainly one of the most interesting forms of motorsport, many manufacturers use it as a testbed of durability for their models, especially Aston Martin and Porsche.

We loved this video, we hope you do too:

DRIVE is a new concept in automotive enjoyment. It brings together a crew of outstanding talents such as Chris Harris (formerly of Evo magazine and now DRIVE and, Matt Farah (The Smoking Tyre) and Fast Lane Daily hosts Leo Parente, J.F. Musial and Alex Roy. They will be showing car reviews, interesting interviews, articles and more and we can't wait to watch them all. For now, here's their Promo to keep you interested:

Videos courtesy of DRIVE

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