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BMW 1-Series 3-dr images revealed

Sneaky Patent Office workers once again...

The new shape BMW 1-Series was revealed in 5-dr hatchback form earlier this year with a design very similar to the old model but updated enough to make it fresh and stylish. But some people want their hatches to be sportier and for that you need 3 doors.

Now thanks to Chinese snooper site we can see what it looks like in what is fast becoming the easiest way to obtain first looks at a new model. They have somehow managed to get their hands on the images filed by BMW to a Patent Office, so these are definitely how the car will look. All car makers must patent the design of their cars so that others can’t make copies of them, so unless Patent Offices tighten security we can expect to see many more of these types of leaks appearing.

What we get to see is a design very close to the outgoing 3-dr model and again very similar to the 5-dr 1-Series. Rumours were flying around the internet recently that the 3-dr model would adopt a much sportier look than this, but we’re not surprised about the look. The 3-dr model is traditionally very similar to the 5-dr, we think that the new 2-dr ‘Coupe’ model will depart from the styling much more this time and have a sportier, more rakish design.

Here we have an elongated side door with the B-pillar more angled rearwards, and a larger rear side window framed by the more aggressively arced roofline. It almost has a look of a traditional ‘shooting brake’ with the arcing roof and upright rear hatch.

The images are obviously of a low spec model, most we see in the UK will have much bigger wheels and the de rigeur M-Sport bodykit (though probably still only a 118d), so will look more aggressive.

Prices should be around £750 less than the equivalent 5-dr 1-Series when it is released mid-2012.

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