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Qatari Police Force show off their Porsches

Certainly beats a 1.6 Ford Focus!

Unless you work in Stuttgart, Leipzig or Zuffenhausen, it's not every day you get see a parade of identical Porsche cars rolling down the street. But on the 18th December in Qatar you certainly do.

In celebration of Qatar National Day, which is a commemoration of Qatar's unification and independence, Police Officers jumped in their Porsche patrol cars, turned on their flashers and gave big smiles to the assembled crowd. They have an impressive collection of Porsche patrol cars in Qatar, including the Cayenne, Panamera and even a couple of 911 and Cayman models. 

However, given the number of Supercars owned in Qatar - it has about 25 Bugatti Veyrons as one example - the Police need something with a decent turn of speed to have a chance of catching them!

We should note however, that the Arab state is a major investor in Volkswagen AG and Porsche SE through its Qatar Holdings investment authority, so we doub that they paid full sticker price for their fleet, but it's still a very nice way to spend your days patrolling.

And to think that in the UK most Police Officers drive around in Ford, Vauxhall or Kia patrol cars. How the other half live eh?...


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