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Ferrari Chairman to run for Italian Presidency

LdM to rule Italy? Good news for Ferrari...

Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has announced his intentions to run for the Italian presidency in 2013.

In a letter published to Italia Futura, di Montezemolo called 2011 one of the "most difficult years since the war" and blamed a "paralysis of decision-making" for holding the country "hostage." This has all happened since enigmatic leader Silvio Berlusconi resigned earlier this year amid many allegations of corruption.

As part of his campaign, di Montezemolo aims to create jobs, reform welfare and refocus the tax burden on wealthy individuals. He also intends to cut government waste and eliminate corruption. It remains unclear if di Montezemolo will resign from his position at Ferrari, but we would be very surprised if he could remain at Ferrari with such a high-profile campaign to run. Plus there is the small matter of a conflict of interests to contend with.

But LdM is a very charismatic person, with a huge following in Italy. But does he have what it takes to run the country? Only time will tell, but if he does succeed we can see Ferrari and Fiat getting even more preferential treatment than they already do in their homeland...

Image courtesy of Ferrari 


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