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Friday Fun: Subaru's BRZ on the road

Looks like a fun drive...

We've seen both the Toyota GT 86 and the Subaru BRZ revealed this week with multiple images. But you can't really get a feel for how a car looks until you see it on the road, preferably moving with some serious intent.

Subaru have stepped up to the plate first, and released the below video showing their BRZ on some nice flowing mountain roads (boring) and sliding about like a Subaru should be driven on track (better). You can tell a lot about how this car will handle when you see it drifting around corners; nicely balanced, not too much roll, rear wheels breaking traction just enough to let the driver know what's going on. Nice. We'll stop rambling now though, and let the film speak for itself.

Will there be any difference between the way the GT 86 and BRZ drive? Only time will tell, after we get to have the elusive first drive of each. But rest assured these lightweight coupes will be driven properly and we'll give you a definitive answer as soon as we can.

Video courtesy of Subaru

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