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And now Subaru reveal their BRZ Coupe - UPDATE: New images!

Spot the difference...

So after we revealed the Toyota GT 86 yesterday Subaru must have been feeling a little left out, so they have today released images and details of their version – the BRZ Coupe.

BRZ stands for ‘Boxer engine, Rear drive, Zenith’ – referring to the fact that a low set engine and rear wheel drive are the best possible attributes for a small coupe. Subaru are certainly rolling out the cheesy lines though with this car – the ‘product concept’ of the BRZ is ‘Pure Handling Delight’.

So, the BRZ is PHD. OK?

The styling is surprisingly similar to the Toyota GT 86; many thought there would be at least a different headlight and tail light design with some more light bodywork changes to differentiate the cars, but it seems as if Subaru and Toyota were very familiar with CTRL+C and CTRL+V on the keyboard as the cars are nearly identical, right down to the wheel designs.

The BRZ gets a less aggressively styled front bumper and a less pronounced rear diffuser, and does without some of the more ‘aftermarket’ looking add-ons the GT 86 has such as the rear spoiler and does look a little more ‘pure’ as a result. We haven’t seen the inside yet but we can assume it will be very similar to the GT 86.

The engine, transmission, suspension and drivetrain are all identical to the Toyota as well which means a 197 bhp flat four boxer engine available with 6spd manual or 5spd auto gearboxes.

We will update when more information becomes available including pricing and the interior.

Images courtesy of Subaru.


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