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Skoda and Seat reveal Citigo and Mii urban runarounds

Expect to see a lot of these on city streets...

The trio is now complete. Volkswagen recently launched the Up! and as the premium brand they got the first shot. But now the other members of VAG are ready to release their city cars.

Seat has revealed the Mii and Skoda the Citigo. The Up!, Mii and Citigo all share the same basic bodywork, with the Up! getting a slightly more stylised rear side window and wing. The nose and tail treatments all differ too, but the basic shape of the three cars is near identical. Inside, the three cars all have the same dashboard look with small differences.

Traditionally the three brands have split as follows: VW is the upmarket quality brand, Seat the sporting brand and Skoda the budget brand. But of late that seems to have changed somewhat, with Skoda now sitting just below VW with a reputation for quality and reliability and Seat left as a sporting brand with hardly any sporting cars. These city cars are so closely specified though, that your choice of which one will undoubtedly just come down to brand loyalty.

Designed to be an urban runarounds, the Citigo and Mii measure 3.56 meters long, 1.65m wide and stand 1.48m tall. Luggage capacity is 251 litres for the boot/trunk which can be expanded to 951 litres with the rear seats down.

Both cars come with two all-new 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol engines, the first with an output of 60 bhp and the second with 75 bhp. In the Skoda you can opt for the Green Tec economy-minded variant which will yield a fuel consumption rating of 67mpg and 65mpg, and CO2 emissions of 97 g/km and 99 g/km, respectively, on the two units.

The Mii will be available with a hybrid automatic gearbox which uses electric motors to smooth the gearchanges, and buyers can choose from either Chic or Sport trims. Also notable is the Seat Portable System which is a removable 5-inch (12.7 cm) device which serves as the navigation but also a hands-free phone and on-board computer.

The Skoda Citigo will debut first as a three-door hatch with a five-door variant following later in 2012. The Mii should have the same launch pattern.

In our eyes the Skoda Citigo is the best looking of the three models, but we feel the lure of the VW brand will be too much for many fashion-conscious buyers. Exact pricing has not yet been revealed for the Mii and Citigo, but given that the Up! is around £9500 for a good spec, we can expect the Mii to be around £8500 and the Skoda to come in at around £7500.

Images courtesy of Skoda and Seat


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