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Paris Motor Show 2012: Exagon Motors Furtive-eGT

Interesting French sports EV...

New French manufacturer Exagon Motors has unveiled the production version of their Furtive-eGT sports car at the Paris Motor Show. The Furtive-eGT is a sleek electrically powered coupe and promises outstanding performance with decent range. The Furtive-eGT will disappoint some though, as when it was originally announced it was touted as a range-extended EV like the Vauxhall Ampera, but that is missing from the press release. Maybe it will come along at a later date.

The styling of the Furtive-eGT is a particular success, with a compact looking 2+2 body, with short overhangs and an aggressive stance. There is lots of complex surfacing and bulging wheelarches, while at the rear there’s a large carbon diffuser for better aerodynamics. The roof is a double-bubble arrangement for extra aero benefits.

The electric propulsion consists of two motors developed by Siemens, each providing an output of 148 kW, which means a combined output in normal terms of 402 bhp. The torque figure stands at 380 lb/ft, which may not sound that much until you realise it is from 0 rpm.

The Furtive-eGT manages the 0-62 mph run in 3.5 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 178 mph – highly impressive for an EV, but that would drain the battery massively so it is limited to 155 mph. The range is quoted as 250 miles at a constant 31 mph, which is obviously completely unrealistic, so luckily they also give more stats – 179 miles at 56 mph, 150 miles at 68 mph and 122 miles at 81 mph. These are all rather useless stats though as nobody ever does a constant speed journey. We’d like to know the combined driving range – though we expect that if you drive a mix of town and country driving at 30-60 mph speeds the range would be around 140 miles.

No prices have been announced, but we hope Exagon manage to develop the range extending technology as that would make for a very exciting sports car.

Images courtesy of Exagon Motors


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