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Geneva Motor Show 2012: Infiniti Emerg-E concept

Best looking alternative fuel car since the Jag C-X75? We think so...

Infiniti has unveiled the electrically powered Emerg-E Concept at the Geneva Motor Show today. Depending on the public and media reaction though, it could make it to production.

Power is provided by a combination of a Lotus-derived 1.2-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors. It can drive up to 30 miles on electric power alone, but it can go 10 times as far with the range extending petrol engine. Each of the electric motors produces 201 bhp and though whilst the 1.2-litre engine adds an additional 47 bhp this can’t be counted as it is merely a generator. Still, a total output of 402 bhp is rather a lot and should provide decent performance.

The engine has been designed by Lotus Engineering for this sole purpose as a range extender. It is very compact and weighs only 51 kg so has little impact on the weight of a vehicle. It is also a very simple design so is cheaper to manufacture than a conventional engine. The combined fuel economy of the Emerg-E should be around 130 mpg which means putting fuel for the range extender in will be a sporadic occurrence.

The design has been derived by the design language that was first seen in the Essence Concept from 2009 and more recently in the Etherea from last year. It is a stunning vehicle, giving Infiniti a real boost in the desirability stakes. It manages to look sporty, classy and fresh without resorting to any obvious similarities to other cars. If it were to go into production it would be a sure-fire hit, even at the predicted £100,000 price tag. There are plenty of people who would want supercar looks with an EV powertrain.

We really hope Infiniti make the Emerg-E, and bring it to the UK, our fingers are crossed.

Images courtesy of Infiniti

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