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Lotus confirms the Exige S Roadster is coming this summer

Announcement comes with a video...

We love the new V6 Lotus Exige. So much so that we think it’s a better driver’s car than the Porsche 911 GT3 (see our review here). So when Lotus announced last year that there would be a Roadster version we were massively excited. Then, everything went quiet at Lotus and the Roadster got forgotten about amidst the troubles with parent companies and boss Dany Bahar being forcibly removed from office.

But now Lotus has announced that the Exige V6 Roadster is coming this summer and we couldn’t be happier. Well, we could if they’d made a better video (it’s pretty rubbish) but we’d rather they continue making cars than spend money on big budget videos:

The only thing that worries us is the focus on track work in the video – they have the V6 S Coupe for that – this Roadster needs to have a plusher interior and a less hardcore demeanour if it is to convert the Boxster S drivers of this world.

So come on, Lotus – give drivers what they need and you might just survive.

Images and video courtesy of Lotus Cars

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