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Jag F-Type - hit or miss?

The reviews are in - has the new Jag lived up to the hype?...

The new Jaguar F-Type must be one of the most hyped sports cars of the last 50 years. Autocar were running features predicting the mythical E-Type successor back in 1988 and it’s taken 25 years for Jaguar to finally get it on the road.

Then of course we had the teaser images, followed by the full reveal of the car last year to critical acclaim. Designer Ian Callum really has done a cracking job of designing the F-Type – seemingly everyone loves it and for good reason. The styling is utterly stunning – the aggressive front end with wings sweeping back to the seductively bulging rear arches, flowing back to that pert rear – we’ve had a presentation by Ian Callum about the car and got to pore over the details and it really is an exquisite bit of design.

Then we had the passenger ride stories and now, finally the world’s motoring press gets to drive the F-Type. So does it live up to all the hype? Well, we’ll be able to tell you first hand next month as we can’t get our hands on the press car so have to wait until a good friend gets his – he’s going to lend it to us for a few days. But for now the rest of the world has, so here are a few video reviews to whet your appetite:

So by the looks of it, the F-Type appears to be a roaring success and we couldn't be happier for Jaguar. They really need this to be a hit and despite the higher than predicted prices we think it’s going to be a massive sales success. People will buy it just for the looks, but then you also get the great handling and some of the naughtiest exhaust notes ever to grace a set of exhaust pipes. We look forward to driving the V8S soon!

Image courtesy of Jaguar. Videos courtesy of Autocar, Evo and XCar

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