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Geneva Motor Show 2013: LaFerrari

Yes, that's what it's called! No, we don't know why...

So, we saw the McLaren P1 last week and Lamborghini have tried to steal the limelight with their Veneno, but the real rival to the P1 has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show – and it’s got one of the most bizarre names we’ve ever heard – LaFerrari.

That’s it – LaFerrari. Not ‘the LaFerrari’ or ‘the Ferrari LaFerrari’, the new hypercar from Maranello is simply called LaFerrari, or to translate – The Ferrari. Said to encompass all from Ferrari’s past and future, it aims to be the replacement for the Enzo and to take the fight to McLaren on the road as they do on track.

The styling may not be as extreme as the P1, but to these eyes LaFerrari is the prettier car. Perfectly proportioned, with the black roof giving the look of the One-off P4/5 made by Pininfarina for James Glickenhaus. The front end is a large wing, creating huge amounts of downforce, while the wings bulge out then curve down to flow into the side vents which take a huge chunk out of the side of the car. The rear haunches flow upwards and taper to the rear which has a huge diffuser and cooling vents across the width of it.

To us, LaFerrari (we’ll never get used to calling it that) looks more aggressive than the P1, yet doesn’t go to the extremes of the Lamborghini Veneno which is a good thing. The new Ferrari manages to be aggressive, graceful and downright pretty all at the same time. Very impressive.

Of course, these cars are as much about the performance as the looks, and LaFerrari brings the fight straight to the P1 with a 6.3 litre V12 engine, based on the F12 Berlinetta unit, producing 789 bhp with an incredible redline of 9250 rpm – we can’t wait to hear one of these at full chat. There is also an electric motor with another 161 bhp bringing the total to 950 bhp, beating the P1 by 10%. LaFerrari also beats the P1 on curb weight weighing in at 1255 kg.

Interestingly, the hybrid tech doesn’t extend to giving LaFerrari the ability to move under purely electric power as the P1 can. Ferrari simply say that their customers aren’t interested in that, although it could be very easily implemented if someone were to ask.

LaFerrari manages the 0 – 62 mph dash in less than 3 seconds on the way to a 218 mph top speed. The 0 – 186 mph time of 15.5 seconds is 1.5 seconds faster than the McLaren P1, but you will pay for this performance. LaFerrari will cost £1,040,000 to the P1’s £866,000, though Ferrari claim to have sold all 499 of the production run already.

Images and video courtesy of Ferrari

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