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Geneva Motor Show 2013: Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini doing what Lamborghini does best!

Lamborghini has decided to try and take the wind out of Ferrari and McLaren’s sails at the Geneva Motor Show by launching a £3.1 million extremely limited run hypercar called the Veneno.

Essentially a rebodied Aventador, the Veneno does to that model what the Sesto Elemento did to the Gallardo – namely replacing every body panel with extreme, overtly styled carbon fibre resulting in a curb weight drop from over 1700 kg to nearer 1250 kg. That bodywork really is something special though. It has to be one of the most aggressively styled cars of the last 20 years and Lamborghini describe it as a “street legal race car”.

The whole front end is one large aerodynamic wing, with aero wings and fins jutting from the bodywork to aid downforce. The wings are separate from the bodywork and there is a very low carbon splitter jutting out from the front. At the side you see the most of the base Aventador as the doors and glass has remained the same, but there is more aero carbon ahead of the rear wheels with a massive vent and extended side skirts. Atop the roof sits a scoop to feed air to the monster engine behind and there is an amazing slatted engine cover split by a Le Mans racer style aero fin. The alloy wheels even feature aerodynamic cooling fins on them.

This fin extends down to a truly massive carbon rear wing, sitting above an enormous diffuser and a central quad exhaust outlet. The look really is absolutely outlandish and really marks Lamborghini out as one of the most extreme car makers. Inside the general layout of the LP700 remains but there is lots of exposed carbon and new seats, along with some tricolore-inspired toggle switches on the centre console.

Sitting beneath that crazy rear end is the same 6.5 litre V12 seen in the Aventador, but now with  740 bhp, running through the same 7spd ISR gearbox and four wheel drive system. With the lower weight the Veneno should have some impressive performance stats, which we’ll bring you as soon as they reveal them.

Lamborghini are only making three Venenos and unfortunately all three are already sold. They are being made one in each colour of the Italian flag – red, white and green.

Images courtesy of Lamborghini

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