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Alfa Romeo reveals the production 4C

Only a few images, but enough to get excited about...

Alfa Romeo has released a few images of one of the most eagerly awaited cars of 2013 – the 4C – ahead of the public reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in 3 weeks.

Looking almost identical to the concept seen last year, the 4C is a landmark car for Alfa Romeo, putting them firmly back in the sports car market, aiming to take a massive chunk out of the Porsche Cayman’s market leading position. The 4C has a small footprint, with a c.2400 mm wheelbase and short overhangs front and rear. It should be around 400 mm shorter than the Cayman, with a similar width.

Visually the 4C gets the same aggressive yet svelte looks of the concept car, translated almost unchanged. There is a low front with the trademark Alfa grille flanked by large air intakes, while the headlight units are a large black plastic unit with separate light pods set unto it along with DRL LEDs. These are the least successful aspect of the design in our opinion, looking a little like the aftermarket lights you used to see on Citroen Saxos in the early 2000s.

The rear of the car is just as dramatic, with the rear wings swelling up over the wheelarch after the air intake to a pert rear end featuring two round lights much like those on a Ferrari 458. There may be a tiny boot given how big the boot opening appears to be.

The 4C isn’t taking the normal standpoint of adding more power to win people over though – the 4C is all about light weight. With a carbon fibre body the small rear wheel drive coupe is rumoured to weigh less than 1000 kg, amazing for a modern car. The 4C will be mid-engined, powered by the 1750 TBi already engine seen in the Guilietta Cloverleaf, producing around 240 bhp, or 280 bhp in Cloverleaf versions.

We’ll get more details of the 4C nearer the public reveal, but we expect it to start at around £49,000 when it goes on sale later this year.

The main issue we can see though, isn’t the Cayman. Yes, they are a similar price, but the Cayman is 450 kg heavier and more powerful. The 4C, weighing under 1000 kg won’t have the sound deadening and hushed cabin of the Porsche, more likely it’ll be Lotus-esque in there, which puts it up against a serious competitor – the Exige V6 S. Similar weight, but packing a 350 bhp supercharged V6 and some seriously good lookd, not to mention the fact that it’s one of the best driver’s cars of the last 10 years – we rated it higher than a 911 GT3 and Evo magazine placed it joint 1st in the eCoty with the Pagani Huayra! Tough competition certainly, we look forward to comparing the two…

Images courtesy of Alfa Romeo 

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