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Dodge Viper not coming to Europe

Chrysler - you suck!

A spokesman from Chrysler has confirmed to that they will not be launching the new SRT Viper in Europe in the short term, choosing to focus on the car’s US launch for the time being.

This comes as quite a blow to European performance car fans as the new Viper promised a new level of dynamism sorely lacking in previous models. With a 635 bhp 8.4 litre V10 and a curb weight of 1500 kg, the SRT Viper has scintillating performance and the new underpinnings mean there should be decent handling too.

We can only hope that Chrysler sees sense and decides to import the Viper in the future, though if performance muscle car fans really want one there is always the self –import route. There are plenty of companies in the UK that will supply US cars, but after the import costs, taxes and their profits you can usually expect to pay £ for $ value on the car’s US list price which makes them much less attractive.

As an example, the Shelby Mustang GT500 with its stonking 650 bhp V8 costs just $55,000. That’s £35,000 at current exchange rates, which is about the same as a 268 bhp Audi TT-S. But look online and you’ll find them for sale, freshly imported for around £60,000. That’s still cracking value for a 650 bhp supercar, but you can see how the costs add up.

So if you want an SRT Viper, expect to buy one from an importer for around £100,000 later in the year.


Image courtesy of Chrysler


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