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LA Motor Show 2012: Jaguar XFR-S

It wants a fight. With the BMW M5...

Following a couple of teasers shown on their Facebook page, Jaguar has officially revealed the 2014 XFR-S ahead of the public reveal tonight at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

What we can see from the images straight away is that Jaguar are not trying to make this into a subtle performance saloon like the BMW M5 – no, that’s what the normal XFR is for – this is a guns-out visceral attack on any comers, like the Mercedes E63 and CLS63. We’re sure that more subtle hues will be available, but the car in the press shots wears striking French Racing Blue paintwork which serves to highlight the hooligan attitude this XFR-S has.

For the styling Jaguar certainly hasn’t held back, with a new front bumper with gaping side grilles and a carbon fibre centre lower grille, a massive rear wing with a carbon fibre centre section and a new rear bumper with a carbon fibre diffuser. All these styling additions do have purpose though, giving extra stability at the higher top speed. The XFR-S also features new 20-inch alloy wheels with wider tyres. We’re not exactly sold on the black and polished silver finish, but we’re hoping that is optional and we could just get some dark grey versions, like on the XKR-S.

Speaking of the XKR-S, it is this coupe that the XFR-S takes its engine from – the 5.0 litre supercharged V8 putting out 542 bhp and 502 lb/ft of torque, being driven through the 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox to the rear wheels. With this new power, the XFR-S manages the 0 – 62 mph sprint in 4.6 seconds on its way to a limited top speed of 186 mph. It has been suggested that without the limiter the XFR-S would nudge 200 mph. To improve handling, Jaguar's engineers have also recalibrated the Electronic Active Differential and Dynamic Stability Control system.

The 2014 Jaguar XFR-S is scheduled to go on sale next summer, though the price hasn’t yet been confirmed. Given that the XKR-S was £19,000 more than the XKR, that would place the XFR-S at around the £85,000 mark which is a lot of money for this sort of car. We hope they’ve managed to make this one a bit cheaper…

Images courtesy of Jaguar


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