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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series unveiled

Wider, lighter, more powerful, yes please!...

Following a small teaser shot of a covered car we couldn't be bothered to share as it was rubbish, Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed the SLS AMG Black Series. Like the previous Black Series models it focuses on lighter weight, more power and improved aerodynamics for a more hardcore driving experience.

Speaking of the looks, we thought the SLS was a pretty mean looking car, but this new Black Series model takes it to a whole new level. There are new carbon fibre parts for the bumpers, bonnet, rear wing and front and rear arches which are 20 mm and 24 mm wider respectively, giving a much more aggressive stance. The front bumper has a lower carbon splitter and carbon additions to the air intakes, while the bonnet now has a cooling vent.

The wider arches blend into the bodywork via new larger wing vents in visible carbon. At the rear there is a new rear bumper with added vents and a new carbon diffuser. An optional aero package gives a fixed carbon rear wing and added dive planes on the front bumper. The look is set off by a new design of lightweight 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels that hide the standard carbon ceramic brakes. All this carbon, along with a new exhaust system results in the Black Series weighing 70 kg less than the standard car at 1550 kg.

But Black Series cars are always about more power as well and the SLS doesn’t disappoint. The 6.2 litre V8 now produces 59 bhp more than the standard SLS with 622 bhp. torque has dropped 11 lb/ft though to 468. This results in 0 – 62 mph taking just 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph (lower than the normal car due to increased downforce) with what Mercedes describe as ‘an even more striking exhaust note’. Given that the standard SLS sounds like a WW2 Spitfire we can’t wait to hear this one.

The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series will go on sale in June 2013 and though prices haven’t been confirmed, it is expected to cost around £200,000.

Images courtesy of Mercedes


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