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Paris Motor Show 2012: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 facelift

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What have Lamborghini done?

Lamborghini has surprised everyone at the Paris Motor Show (not in a good way) by unveiling the facelifted Gallardo LP560-4 models, though we really can’t see why they’ve done it.

We are huge fans of the looks of the previous LP560-4 here at TorquingPoint – the angular front end with its jutting spoiler and clean lines looks aggressive, purposeful and graceful. But seemingly just for the sake of change, Lamborghini have decided to give the car new front and rear bumpers.

Seemingly centring around the idea that triangles are good, the front end has a wide lower opening intersected by angled pieces in body colour and black, creating triangular regions. The same has happened at the back where the previously clean grille area below the lights now has the same triangular treatment.

We think it may already be obvious, but we’d like to state officially – we think this facelift has ruined the looks of the Gallardo. It’s such a shame as this is most likely going to be the last of this line before it’s replaced in 2014, so it would be nice if it went out looking good. We expect used prices of the previous model to drop less than before though now, which is good news for owners.

What seems strange though, is that while they have hit the LP560-4 with the ugly stick, they have also revealed the LP570-4 ‘Edizione Tecnica’ which is essentially a new option pack for the Superleggera and Performante models, which continue to use their old front and rear ends. The Edizione Tecnica features carbon-ceramic brakes and a fixed rear wing along with special paint finishes. Customers can also order the model in three exclusive colours: Nero Nemesis (matte black) body with Arancio Argos (orange) accents, Bianco Canopus (matte white) body with Arancio Argos (orange) accents or Arancio Argos (orange) body with Nero Nemesis (matte black) accents.

Thankfully this model still looks fantastic, so there may be hope for those wanting a new Gallardo yet – you just have to buy the top model.

Images courtesy of Lamborghini


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