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Maserati unveils the GranCabrio MC

MC Stradale looks, but no handling changes...

Today Maserati has revealed the GranCabrio MC, a more hardcore looking GranCabrio. We emphasise that because it seems a little like cynical marketing to us.

Two years ago Maserati revealed the GranTurismo MC Stradale at the Paris Motor Show, and now at this year’s Paris show they will unveil a convertible version, of sorts. You see, the GranCabrio MC has the looks of the GranTurismo MC Stradale, but does without the coupe’s lightweight interior, seats and hardcore suspension setup.

What you get though, is an already stunning GranCabrio adorned with the much nicer looking MC Stradale nose with its extra vents and lower splitter. You also get the Stradale’s gorgeous 20” lightweight alloy wheels, a welcome addition as they really are some of the nicest looking wheels we’ve ever seen on a production car. At the rear is where the biggest change from the GranCabrio Sport is seen, with the ducktail bootlid spoiler of the coupe now in place, sitting above the inboard exhaust pipes and diffuser from the coupe. Overall it gives the GranCabrio a much needed boost of aggression and sportiness, without losing the grace and beauty of the model.

It’s actually a strange example of good sense from an auto maker to not put the hard suspension from the coupe on the GranCabrio – we have seen it on the Lamborghini Performante and Ferrari 430 16M where it just messes up the driving experience. So what you end up with is a stunning convertible that rides and handles as it should.

Prices and more information will be available at the public debut in Paris later this week, though expect a price tag around £10,000 north of the GranCabrio Sport.

Images courtesy of Maserati


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