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Audi reveals the RS5 Cabrio

All the better to hear that glorious V8 sound...

Audi took the unusual approach to launching a new car buy revealing the new RS5 Cabrio online today. Though the car isn’t really a surprise, nor was it going to be anything shocking visually - given that we already have the RS5 coupe and the A5 Cabrio it was always going to be a mix of the two – but in the end they launched a car that looks even better than we’d hoped.

Combining the powerhouse 4.2 litre V8 from the RS4 and RS5 Coupe with 444 bhp and 317 lb/ft of torque with the Cabrio bodystyle gives drivers the option to hear the incredible exhaust note all the more clearly now, surely the RS5 Cabrio’s USP.

Visually it takes the front and rear bumpers of the RS5 Coupe, along with the extended wheel arches and chops the roof off, simple really. Using the LED headlights and new RS4 20-inch alloy wheels certainly gives the new model a menacing look and the whole model looks very impressive in the blue of the launch images. The main difference over the Coupe is that the Cabrio doesn’t carry over the electronically rising boot spoiler. The airflow isn’t as linear with a Cabrio, so they have added a fixed carbon fibre lip spoiler instead, which we think looks great.

The elegant cabin carries over and comes nicely equipped with a flat-bottom steering wheel, leather & Alcantara sport seats, metallic accents and carbon fibre trim. There are also heated front seats, a wind deflector and a driver information system.

The Cabrio lags a very short amount behind the coupe in the performance stakes, with 0 – 62 mph taking just 4.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 155 mph, which can be raised to 174 mph as an option.

The RS5 Cabrio will be shown to the public at the Paris Motor Show later this month, when UK pricing will be announced.

Images courtesy of Audi

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