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Evanta presents their DB4 GT Zagato with a twist

Most beautiful car we've featured? Possibly...

The Aston Marttin DB4 GT Zagato is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the shape harking back to days when the beautiful panels were created by hand and finished by eye.

Zagato made their take on the DB4 GT using the floorpan of the standard DB4 and covering it in their own style of hand beaten aluminium body. Unfortunately due to the economy at the time, only 19 were built which means the original cars now sell for around £3-4 million. Not exactly affordable…

Which is where Evanta comes in. They see the beauty of the Zagato, the heritage and tradition, but want to improve on it. What you see above is their take on the DB4 GT Zagato, taking the best bits of the 19 original cars (each was hand built, so no two are the same) and incorporating them into a modern interpretation.

The basis for this resto-mod of sorts is the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, so sitting beneath that beautifully sculpted bonnet sits a 5.9 litre V12 putting out well over 400 bhp. In fact, the whole drivetrain, suspension and braking system are from the DB7 Vantage. There’s a full roll cage inside to keep everything stiff and safe and you even get an airbag steering wheel, even though it looks a little out of place.

The gorgeous bodywork is available in GRP or carbon fibre Kevlar weave, with a few hand made aluminium bodies being made available for that extra bit of originality. We just love the idea of a car as stunning as a classic Aston being based on modern mechanicals so you can drive it everyday.

Prices are per vehicle due to their bespoke nature, but we wouldn’t expect change from £250,000 for a carbon bodied example which we still think is a bargain. The intriguing aspect is that the V12 from the DB7 Vantage is virtually identical to the one in the latest DBS, so theoretically you could have one of these stunning cars with a 510 bhp V12 under the bonnet…

Images courtesy of Evanta Motor Company


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