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Novitec Rosso shows their take on the Ferrari 458 Spider

One very fast banana...

Most people would think that a Ferrari 458 Spider is pretty much perfect as it is. You specify your £200,000+ car at the Ferrari dealer and add all your little carbon fibre bits and carefully select your colours for the outside and interior.

But despite the huge level of customisation available, some people still want to take delivery of their Supercar and take it straight to a tuning company to further personalise* their vehicle. Novitec Rosso are one of the most respected Ferrari tuning companies in the world, known for their subtle styling tweaks, so at least we’re onto a good start.

For the 458 Spider Novitec Rosso have gone for some subtle carbon fibre styling additions and a little engine tweakery too. The front end gets a slit chin spoiler in carbon, while there are two small winglets that join up to the air deflecting ‘vent spoilers’ in the bumper cutouts. The sides get wider carbon fibre sills and there are carbon vents that fill in the small gaps in the front wings.

At the back there’s the option of a small carbon lip spoiler, or a larger carbon item (we’d choose the lip) and there is a larger rear diffuser. There are optional black rear lights too, but we’d leave these off as they make it look a little too tuned for us. As you can see in the images there are also two options for wheels – both in 21” front, 22” rear sizes. We’d go for the silver items in the first image – looks much more OEM and less ‘look at me’. The other option has black wheel centres with a colour matched lip, a little too much for us.

There are also changes made to the suspension, including dropping the car 35mm and offering a nose lift system – which is offered by Ferrari too.

The engine manages to gain an extra 40 bhp from a special carbon-fibre air box with modified air routing and a high-performance exhaust system. This gives a power output of 602 bhp and helps with weight reduction as well as it comes in at 21 kg less than the standard item.

Overall this is certainly one of the better executed tuned Supercars we’ve seen, especially when compared to the recent offerings by companies such as Mansory. We approve.

*this normally means ruin

Images courtesy of Novitec Rosso



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