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Bugatti unveil the Veyron Grand Sport Brown Carbon Edition

Yes, believe it or not that is actually what it's called...

Bugatti, obviously hurting from not being in the news for a few days, have released the details of a special edition Grand Sport that they revealed to private customers at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Imaginatively named the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Brown Carbon Fibre Edition, it features – can you guess? – yes that’s right, brown weave carbon fibre for the main body panels.

The bonnet, bumper, side skirts and rear clamshell are all presented in lacquered brown weave carbon fibre while the remaining panels are in polished aluminium. The wheels are painted a matching brown with diamond polished faces on the prominent spokes.

Inside, the BVGSBCFE (that’s easier) gets brown ‘Gaucho’ leather covering every surface including the centre console which is usually covered in turned aluminium.

Now normally we would take this opportunity to ridicule the poor choice of colours or options that Bugatti have chosen to wheel out for their latest attempt to hog the limelight. But this one, the BVGSBCFE, has us utterly hooked.

You see, we love brown cars here at TorquingPoint. A nice brown classic 6-Series BMW with a brown velour interior would be perfection for us. So to see this €1.79 million Veyron covered in brown Carbon and dripping with other bits in the colour we just want it, badly. We’d go as far as to say it’s the best looking Veyron we’ve seen so far, aside from maybe the all-blue-carbon Supersport.

Maybe we need to have a lie down, but first we have a strange desire for a chocolate bar…

Images courtesy of Bugatti

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