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Beijing Auto Show: Eterniti Artemis

Another day, another SUV...

London based Eterniti Motors has used the Bejing Auto Show to display their first offering in pre-production form. The Artemis is billed as the world's first ‘Super-SUV’ and is set to go into production in the summer of 2012.

First announced in 2011, the development time has been quite quick. That is because the not-so-eagle-eyed will notice that it is basically little more than a tuned Porsche Cayenne, although Eterniti Motors has neglected to mention the base model. The external modifications are extensive, but you can’t hide the Cayenne’s distinctive glasshouse.

Power is produced from the same 4.8-liter twin-turbo unit that is employed in the Cayenne Turbo, but the Eterniti engineers have fettled a little bit and released some more power. The ‘Super-SUV’ produces a formidable 590 bhp and 553 lb/ft of torque enabling it to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 180mph.

Each of the body panels have been subtly altered and created in the finest carbon fibre (allegedly). The aggressive design features a large mesh grille that is flanked by oversized air intakes featuring daytime running light LED strips, with a lower carbon fibre splitter. The headlights are all new and there are vents on the bonnet to feed air and aid cooling for the tuned motor. The front and rear wings are widened substantially to house huge 23-inch alloy wheels, described by Eterniti as ‘superlight’. We can’t help thinking 20-inch wheels would be slightly lighter still and wouldn’t look as cartoonish and ruin the ride. The rear features a large carbon fibre diffuser, deep vents next to the rear lights and a roof mounted spoiler. The exhaust tips are two large round items. We have to say, as far as tuned Cayennes go, the Artemis looks very good, especially when compared to the offerings from Gemballa, Techart and Mansory.

Eterniti claim that the handling will be world-class, with a comfortable luxurious ride when driving normally and the ability to firm up and provide sports car like handling when you get to the twisty roads. Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert is on board with Eterniti to provide his expertise in this field and be a brand ambassador.

The interior has been developed for chauffeur-like functionality and is the real selling piece of the Artemis. Up front every conceivable surface has been coated with the finest leather, most of it quilted for that Bentley-esque look. It’s still unmistakably a Cayenne interior, but it certainly is a luxurious looking place. This Super-SUV is designed to be the ultimate luxury vehicle though, so the rear seats are arguably more important. There are two heated and cooled reclining rear seats which have up to 1m of leg space and the rear has many luxury features including electronically operated iPad-ready holders and a drinks chiller.

The Artemis is aimed squarely at the Chinese market, where it is important to have a car that is impressive to drive and to be driven in, though we expect these to sell very well in the UAE, Russia and wouldn’t be surprised to see a few in the UK too. Pricing for the Eterniti will start at £210,000 (excl. taxes) for all markets except China who will get their own pricing model.

Images courtesy of Eterniti

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