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Lotus announces official collaboration with Mansory

Hear that whirring noise? That's Colin Chapman spinning in his grave...

Lotus is one of our favourite sports car manufacturers here at TorquingPoint. Lightweight, nimble handling, great looks - they have it all.

Similarly, we hold a special kind of contempt for tuning company Mansory. They seem to utterly ruin every vehicle they come into contact with, adding huge amounts of carbon bits and lairy paint jobs while doing nothing to the performance or handling of the cars. All show and no go, if you will.

So it was with a heavy heart that we read the press release telling us that Lotus and Mansory have announced a new partnership that will have the two companies collaborating on future projects. Details are limited, but Mansory will become Lotus' "official customization studio." As such, Mansory will "contribute bodywork, trim and special finishes" for the Elise, Exige and Evora.

Lotus' Chief Technical Officer Wolf Zimmerman said in their press release: "Mansory are leaders in their field, and having worked closely with them on the Evora GTE and the special editions we've unveiled recently, we now wish to take the partnership to an official level. Together, I am confident we will continue to produce outstanding sports cars, with the bespoke qualities that many of our discerning customers look for." To celebrate the partnership, the two companies will introduce a new concept at the Paris Motor Show in September.

We know that Mansory can be a little more restrained, as if evident with the Evora GTE which is a fantastic looking car. But then you see the Ferrari 458 and Mercedes SLS based models they produce (in our Gallery above) and your faith is rocked again. We honestly can’t predict which way the Lotus collaboration will go, we only hope it is more restrained and focuses on providing actual aerodynamic benefits and lighter body panels rather than making posing machines for Kensington High Street.

Images courtesy of Lotus and Mansory

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