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Porsche experience their most successful year ever in 2011

Major profits show that they are still the performance brand to beat...

In 2011 Porsche sold 116,978 cars. We must say, that’s actually less than we expected worldwide, but anyway, onto the next stat:

Porsche’s profits for 2011: €2.05b

Profit per car? €17,524.66

That, in anyone’s book, is impressive.

There were many that bemoaned the introduction of the Cayenne in 2002, saying that it diluted the brand so famous for its sports cars. But the market was crying out for a sporting SUV, especially in the US, so Porsche teamed up with VW and built a sister car to the Touareg. We doubt even Porsche could have predicted how well the Cayenne sold though, which has continued throughout its life.

With the latest version, sales have continued to rise, with 59,873 finding home in 2011 – a 49% increase on 2010. And of course Porsche now has the Panamera, sales of which increased 20 % on 2010 to 28,218 cars last year. This makes Porsche the most profitable car company in the world.

So what can we expect in 2012? Well, the 2011 profits are made even more impressive when you consider that they are for the 997 generation 911 and the old Boxster. 2012 sees the 991 and the new Boxster both launched and taking considerable orders so we can only assume that 2012’s profits are going to be even higher.

2013 sees the 918 Spyder go into production and 2014 we will see the Macan small SUV so the numbers certainly won't be shrinking.

As long as the Cayenne and Panamera keeps enough money flowing into Porsche to keep them developing their amazing GT3 models and their continued support of the manual gearbox we are more than happy to have them on the road. Plus, in case our readers aren’t aware – they’re both amazingly good vehicles so deserve every bit of success.

Image courtesy of Porsche

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