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Aston Martin tweaks the V8 Vantage

Small changes, but why mess with perfection?

Aston Martin has previewed some updates for the V8 Vantage ahead of its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th. The entry level model of the Vantage range receives a few styling and technological updates for the new model year.

The new facelift can be distinguished from its predecessor by its new lower front bumper, air splitter, redesigned side-sills and a new rear bumper equipped with an integrated diffuser all previously seen on the Vantage S model. The base model also receives some performance inducing updates that were originally derived for the Vantage S, which include quicker steering, bigger brakes and wider tires.

Under the hood, the V8 Vantage's 4.7-liter V-8 engine keeps the same output of 420 whilst the high-performance Vantage S continues to get 430 bhp and 361lb/ft of torque. A 6-spd manual transmission comes as standard, but the optional 6-spd Sportshift automated manual transmission has been replaced with the 7-spd Sportshift II from the Vantage S.

So to summarise, the standard Vantage now has the better gearbox, handling and looks of the Vantage S with only 10 bhp less, for quite a lot less money. It certainly makes you wonder why anyone would bother buying the Vantage S now. Another way of looking at it is that you can now effectively get the Vantage S with a manual gearbox for a lot less money, which is something Aston purists were crying out for.

Pricing for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage will begin at £84,995 whilst the Vantage S will start at £99,995. The updated Vantage will be on the marque’s stand at Geneva alongside a few other cars and hopefully some surprises – there are rumours of a new DBS and the V12 Vantage Roadster being shown. We will update as soon as the news breaks.

Images courtesy of Aston Martin

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