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Special Edition Bugatti Veyron revealed in Qatar

Not exactly subtle...

Bugatti has released details of the latest Special Edition Veyron model to be made. This one is for the Qatar Motor Show this week, and is based on the Grand Sport model, the most powerful open top car in the world.

It gets the same 1015 bhp quad-turbo 8.0 litre W16 engine as the Veyron coupe had, but is speed limited to 224 mph with the roof off. Certainly enough to ruffle even the most gelled-down of hairstyles. Roof on, it is still capable of 252 mph.

Visually the Special Edition model gets a two tone exterior in a not-too-subtle shade of bright yellow on top, with bare carbon below. Black alloy wheels complete the look. The yellow paint is unusual in that it also covers the air intakes for the engine, which are normally shiny chrome. The rest of the normal chrome trim is finished in gloss black. Despite how the look sounds, a car like the Veyron can somehow pull it off and this model looks pretty fantastic. Certainly more exciting than the usual dull grey, blue or black models you can see circling Harrods every summer.

Where it falls down for us is the interior. They could have gone with black leather with matching yellow piping and stitching, but unfortunately not. In this case they have gone for a matching yellow interior as well – seats, centre console, carpets, the tops of the doors and the headliner are all trimmed in the violent hue. Only the dash top and door cards are black leather or carbon fibre to save the eyes a little.

Still, there is no doubt at all that this one-off will sell to someone in the UAE, after all this is the Veyron’s biggest market, even if demand for the world’s fastest car does seem to be waning. All 300 ‘normal’ Veyron coupes have been sold, but of the planned 150 Grand Sports there are still 105 slots left. Production was thought to be ending this year, but Bugatti will keep making the Veyron until people stop buying them – when that will be is anyone’s guess. But there are certainly enough wealthy petrolheads in the UAE, Russia and China to satisfy a large portion of that remaining number.

Bugatti are going to renew the interest in the Veyron at the Geneva Motor Show in March though, with the launch of the Grand SuperSport model (we're guessing about the name, so it may be different) - a convertible version of the 1200 bhp SuperSport which holds the title of World’s Fastest Car with a top speed of 268 mph. The Grand SuperSport will likely be reined in a little, but will still be a fearsome car.

Images courtesy of Bugatti

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