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India's first Supercar Trackday brings in over 10,000bhp

Amazing cars, amazing track...

Xmas day was alive in Delhi to the sound of 10,000bhp screaming around a race track.

You may not think that India is the most obvious place to have a nice car, let alone a Supercar, but like every country there are petrolheads in India – and there are petrolheads with LOTS of money.

Based in Chandigarh near New Delhi, the Cannonball Club is a collection of such enthusiasts who get together for drives and meetings to admire each other’s cars. But when the Buddh International Circuit opened last year for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, it gave the club a new and exciting opportunity – a track day.

The club members own some fantastic machinery from Italy, Germany and Japan, and they have the very latest cars too – in the club currently there's a Lamborghini Aventador, a Mercedes SLS AMG and a Ferrari 458 amongst many others.

The track day at BIC (in association with RaceTech) saw a massive turnout, with drivers being able to push their incredible machines to the limit on the track which F1 drivers said was the best new track in years. The roads in and around Delhi are awful, which when combined with the heavy traffic and erratic driving styles means that owners of these cars rarely get to use their performance or handling. But as they now have a world class racing circuit on their doorstep we can expect many more track days like this to take place, and we’ll be there to watch (and try to grab a passenger lap or two!).

Images courtesy of Cannonball Club


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