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Bentley reveals Continental GT V8

New cheaper model gets V8 growl...

Bentley has today revealed the latest addition to the revised Continental GT range - the V8.

Traditionally the W12 powered GT has always been joined in the range by faster and more powerful versions later in the development cycle. But for the first time, Bentley have now added a cheaper, less powerful model to the range.

The GT V8 gets a 4.0 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine closely related to the V8 recently launched in the Audi S8. Packing 500 bhp and 487 lb/ft of torque, the V8 powered model gets to 60 mph in under 5 seconds and goes on to 180 mph.

Bentley are keeping the exact specifications closely guarded until the new year, but they promise that the GT V8 will be able to travel 500 miles on one tank of fuel. This sounds impressive, but bear in mind that the W12 GT has a large fuel tank, 90 litres in size. Helping to get this figure is the tech in this engine which turns it into a V4 on light loads. Bentley's engine management system allows a “seamless and imperceptible” transition to four-cylinder running on light loads. Other technical highlights include special low-friction bearings, thermal management to avoid excess heat loss, energy recuperation via an intelligent charging system and turbo packaging within the engine’s vee to reduce throttle lag.

The V8 configuration should also give the Continental GT a very nice exhaust note with a tradition V8 'burble' if the Audi S8 is anything to go by.

The V8 engine will initially be offered in launch editions of the Continental GT and GTC, identifiable by black grilles, red badges and ‘figure eight’ exhaust pipes, along with a new design of alloy wheel. The models will be positioned below existing 6.0-litre W12 Continentals, which will stay in production. Prices haven't been confirmed, but expect the model to cost over £100,000 compared to the W12 model at £130,000.

Images courtesy of Bentley

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