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Nissan reveals two new GT-R models

One all show, the other all go...

Nissan has today revealed two editions of the all-conquering GT-R.

GT-R Track Pack

First up there is the Track Pack, an option pack available for all GT-Rs owners that want to have a more focussed edge for their car. There are no mechanical changes, not that there were any needed with the storming 542 bhp twin turbocharged 3.8 litre V6 engine. Instead there are a host of visual and dynamic upgrades which combine to create the most hardcore GT-R yet.

Nissan says the model is a response to requests from GT-R owners who want an extra edge on the race track. Chief vehicle engineer for the GT-R, Kazutoshi Mizuno, claims that the Nissan GT-R Track Pack should be able to lap the Nurburgring "in less than seven minutes".

Externally the main difference is the addition of lightweight gloss black six-spoke 20" RAYS alloy wheels first seen on the Spec-V model. Harder to spot are the additional carbon fibre brake cooling ducts in the lower front spoiler, and addition brake cooling vents behind the rear wheels.

There are some dynamic changes to the suspension, making the 'Sport' setting even more track-focussed and gives the GT-R a harder edge. In 'Comfort' mode the car retains the standard settings, so you can drive to the track without ruining your spine.

Inside the Track Pack brings with it special lighter Recaro seats and the rear seats are deleted completely. These changes, plus the lighter wheels mean that the Track Pack equipped cars tip the scales around 40 kg lighter than the standard car. However Nissan still claim the same incredible 0-60 mph time of 2.7 seconds.

The Track Pack costs an additional £10,000 on top of the standard car which retails at £74,450.


The second edition comes in the form of the VVIP, an ultra-exclusive limited edition for the Middle East.

The VVIP is distinguished from lesser GT-Rs by the pearl white paint, naked carbon rear wing and bronze gold alloy wheels. Oh, and the small matter of the 24ct Gold plated front grille and side strakes.

The interior gets the most work though, with quilted leather covering every surface giving a much higher quality feel. There are 12 interior colour choices available. Nissan Middle East claims that this edition of the GT-R has been "exclusively created by Takumi, or 'master with greatest skills' ". Also, the Bose sound system is individually tailored to the driver's seating position to ensure the best sound possible.

Despite the initially 'bling' look of the car, we actually like the VVIP, and it'll certainly sell well in the Middle East, even given the expected 50% premium over the standard car.

Images courtesy of Nissan & Nissan Middle East


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