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Lotus reveals the Chrome Special Edition Evora GTE

In association with Swizz Beatz (apparently)...

In one of the oddest link-ups ever seen in the automotive world, Lotus Cars has teamed up with record producer, rapper and 'style ambassador' Swizz Beatz and revealed the Special Edition Chrome Evora.

There really isn't actually much that's new about the car, but it does feature a rather interesting red chrome paint job. We actually suspect that it is a vinyl wrap instead of a paint job, as these chrome wraps are readily available and it would mean that after this promotion Lotus would still have a saleable car after the wrap was removed.

Of course, they may not have changed much mechanically with the Chrome edition, but this is still an Evora GTE.

Originally conceived as a limited run for the Chinese market, they thankfully saw sense and have reworked the GTE so it can now be sold in Europe as well (sorry USA, not for you). What Lotus has created is the most focussed and fastest Evora yet, making it into a ballistic road and track car in the mould of the Porsche 911 GT3.

The Supercharged Toyota-sourced 3.5 litre V6 engine has been tweaked and tuned to give a mammoth 444 bhp. This should be enough for a 0-60 mph dash in around 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 180 mph. Clever use of carbon fibre has been integrated extensively throughout the exterior and interior of the car, this is one major contributors to the 105kg weight reduction versus the base Evora. Carbon fibre has been used for all the bodywork modifications including the front and rear bumpers, the rear wing and the doors.

Speaking of that bodywork, the GTE gets an all-new front fascia with more air channelling scoops and vents, a more purposeful rear diffuser and a mammoth rear wing. It transforms the look of the Evora from a pretty British coupe, into a raw aggressive track weapon.

Add in the race-inspired interior and you have a Lotus that is set to destroy all in its path. Prices haven’t been announced but expect the GTE to cost north of £100,000. The Chrome special edition is a one-off so would technically be priceless. Though given the price of a chrome wrap is about £2500, we’d value it at £102,500…

Images courtesy of Lotus

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