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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder goes RWD

The LP550-2 Spyder is born...

Lamborghini has officially confirmed that it is going to produce a rear wheel drive version of the ever popular Gallardo Spyder.

Lamborghini released the latest LP560-4 coupe in 2008 and all were impressed by the power from the 552 bhp (560 PS) 5.2 litre V10 engine and the all weather grip from the 4WD system. However some claim it was too safe, too stable. Lamborghinis should be a bit scary, they say. To combat this they brought out the LP560-4 Spyder which exposed you to the elements and more of that incredible exhaust note. But still people wanted more. So the automotive Gods in Sant A'gata created a RWD coupe in honour of the man behind all almost every Lamborghinis handling - Valentino Balboni. This got a slightly detuned engine but also weighed less.

Now, they have combined the best of both worlds - a kind of Gallardo Zenith. They have confirmed that they will be building an LP550-2 Spyder.

The engine is the same outstanding 5.2 litre V10, but detuned by 10 bhp to 542. But due to the loss of the front driveshafts other associated 4WD gubbins it also weighs 30kg less than the LP560-4 Spyder. Thus the power/weight ratio almost exactly matches the 4WD car's 356 bhp/tonne.

What you also get though, is the increased steering purity and lack of inertia from having the front wheels only taking care of the direction changing. Add this to the improved handling and lack of roof and this looks set to be the perfect Lamborghini. Add in the fact that this is the last Lamborghini you'll be able to order a manual gearbox on, and we think that a manual LP550-2 Spyder could be a collectible in future.

The LP550-2 Spyder is set to cost around £150,000 when it is released, making it something of a bargain in the Lamborghini world. 

Images courtesy of Lamborghini 


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