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Last ever Pagani Zonda F Roadster built

Prime example that money cannot buy taste...

The Pagani Zonda has long been regarded as one of the best supercars ever. It may not be the fastest, or the best handling, or the quickest around a track, but the design, finish, quality and attention to detail are second to none.

So when Pagani announced a couple of years ago that the Zonda would be ending its production run, supercar fans across the world were disappointed. Even more so when the new Pagani model, the Huayra was revealed. It didn't have the same design flair, the same excitement about it as the Zonda, and it left many cancelling their orders. The Huayra is about to start being delivered to customers, but that doesn't mean Pagani has forgotten about the Zonda.

The last iteration of the Zonda, the 'F', was produced in Coupe form along with multiple special editions. There was a planned production run of 25 Roadster F's as well, and until now 24 of those had found homes. This last car is destined for a Far Eastern customer,  but it seems as if the lucky owner of #25 has a very 'specific' taste as well...

The exterior is finished in natural and purple-tinted carbon, with the weave visible. This is out there a bit, but Zondas always looked best with a little colour so we're on board with that. It's when you open the carbon fibre door and peer inside that things get a little shocking though. What isn't carbon or aluminium in the interior, is covered in a very violent shade of pink. Cerise, maybe, but very offensive to our eyes.

Of course this last F Roadster is still powered by the glorious 7.3 litre natually aspirated AMG V12 engine, producing 680bhp in its Clubsport spec. But we just couldn't live with subjecting such a beautiful car to such an awful interior...


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