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2012 Porsche Boxster caught testing completely undisguised

The wraps have finally come off – and it’s a looker!

Autoblog.com has managed to get some photos of he 2012 Porsche Boxster completely free of any camouflage or disguise. We can only assume that the car was out being filmed or photographed for the official shots or a promo video, but we’re thankful they were so that the eagle-eyed snapper could spot them.

What we can see now, is that for the first time the Boxster takes on its own identity, breaking away from the 911-lite styling of the previous models. The front end is still obviously a Porsche, with a 991-esque intake arrangement but with headlights all of the Boxster’s own with defined light pods inside a new unit. Down the side we see the biggest difference to before, with a large intake and side strake cutting into the body, looking very much like the Carrera GT side profile. The rear is just as stunning, with new lights and a more profiled rear showing the integrated spoiler being more prominent and cutting into the rear lights. Overall we think it’s a fantastic design, and can’t wait to see more official images, and what the interior looks like, though it would be a safe bet that it will follow the lead of the 991 interior with a raised centre console. 

More changes are expected in the engine bay of the new Boxster. Rumours abound that the six cylinder engines are going to be dropped in favour of new four cylinder turbocharged powerplants. These make the Boxster more economical and less polluting, whilst still giving the firepower needed - two versions are reportedly being created with displacements of 2.0- and 2.5-liters. The latter variant is expected to have a maximum output of 370 bhp, whilst the former should have in the region of 320 bhp.

Will buyers putting down £45,000 on a Porsche be satisfied with only four cylinders? Only time will tell.

Images courtesy of Brian Williams/Brenda Priddy & Company

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