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CLA45 AMG: The Answer?

New scolding hot hatch could offer everything you desire...I hope.

Ever thought to yourself, ‘I don’t want a niche car, they’re just too mainstream.’? We haven’t either. But seen as Mercedes’ specialist team of niche-hunters has blessed us with pictures and details of their latest – and promising – creation, the AMG tuned CLA, we feel obliged to take a further look at it.

Recent Mercs have divided opinions when it comes to looks. However AMG usually like to make it clear to passers-by when they have worked their magic via styling and design. I have to admit I think it looks great from nearly every angle – a great blend of aggression and somehow elegance.

This leads nicely on to the whole point of the article; could this new model be all things to all men and possibly even more?

It’s obviously going to be rapid, with over 300bhp and over 300lbft of twist going through all four corners. No doubt about that one. But with the ingredients used here combined with the (subjective) aesthetics, I think it could be a real gem and be all the car anyone could ever need.

Although the figures are verging on V8-esque, the CLA45 only runs a turbocharged 2 litre unit, so you can bet your bottom dollar on it returning 35+mpg and an admirable amount of CO2.

Clearly, the proof will be in the eating, but with so many boxes already ticked before anyone has even driven one, it’s well on the way to being one of the best Mercs of modern times.

The price many put some people off, likely to be £40K with the necessary options, but I like to compare it to the BMW 1M – pound-for-pound, amazing value.

I hope my hunch is confirmed when we can get behind the wheel of one of these things and I’m not let down. If it does live up to expectations then I can it walking out of ‘Benz dealerships across Europe and even the States, too.

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